Employee Engagement Services

Many businesses invest heavily in creating positive work cultures. Yet, research shows that the collective experience is only half the picture. Employee engagement rests with meeting individual needs and according to the research organisation Gallup only 15% of employees are highly engaged.

As a business owner or manager how do you find out what those needs are? Your first step may be to carry out an employee survey. This will be customised for your organisation but based around the 8 key aspects identified by experts of high performing teams.

Follow up interviews can provide further qualitative feedback and this information can help you confidently move your organisation forward and design positive work experiences.

statistics and studies have proved, that a company with engaged employees will show better financial returns than a company staffed by unmotivated and unhappy people’ (Corporate Rebels).

Some of the reasons’ clients may engage my services:

  • To identify how employees feel about a new initiative
  • To get feedback on employee experience
  • To look for information to create new programmes.
  • To make strategic decisions.

it is neither the strongest nor the smartest of the species that survives, but the most adaptable’. Charles Darwin.

As business owners, managers and leaders we need to throw out the archaic plans and create organisations that are versatile and adaptable. We do this by being in touch with our employees and creating business models based on flexibility, autonomy and trust.


People and Culture Support

As an owner of a business with a small team for ten years I saw how difficult it was to manage every facet of business and tend to the needs of employees.

You don’t have to experience the lonely CEO syndrome. At Inside Strategies I provide people and culture support to help you create the best environment for your team.

I will work gently with you and your team to identify key areas of improvement. Together we will strategise and implement your change management initiatives. I walk every step of the journey with you.

The services I provide include;  interim people and culture manager, training design and delivery, learning and development support and individual coaching.

Whether you need a one time consultation, a people and culture audit, or an ongoing project please reach out for a consultation. No project is too small.


Organisations benefit from:
  • An outside perspective to promote creativity and innovation
  • An expert in personality and it's influences on work experience
  • A certified Trainer and Coach to enhance customised employee support and development
  • Experienced business owner who understands the complexity of enterprise
Contact me here for more information on how I can support your organisation.

Working with Aoife was my first foray into what it means to be introverted. I found it highly interesting and much of it resonated with my experiences. Aoife had an excellent understanding of introversion and was able to translate that into an engaging and informative session. Most importantly, she offered pragmatic and actionable advice as to how we could find success in the business world while still accepting our differences.

Mark, Webinar Attendee