Individual Coaching Solutions

Introverts make up over half of the population (MBTI 2018). Yet, our business environment is continually extrovert focused.

The result; many introverts in business feel like they have to change in order to achieve their goals. I can provide an alternate path.

When I work with you as a coach, we will identify your character strengths and design ways for you to apply them to your life which will not only improve your well being but help you achieve success.

Some of the reasons’ clients may contact me:

  • Get clarity on career direction
  • Develop their leadership potential
  • Achieve visibility in their organisation
  • Improve communication skills such as public speaking, running meetings or doing presentations
  • Increase sales as a business owner
  • Start a business

I work with clients in all aspects of career and business and the strengths approach can benefit all areas of your life. Contact me now for a complimentary 20 minute call. In this call I am happy to provide you with a free positive psychology tool you can implement right away.


Corporate Coaching and Training Solutions

The hidden 50% is a term sometimes used to describe introverts in your organisation. You may not notice them because they are quietly working under the radar or perhaps ‘extraverting’ to blend in.

The cost of this is employee burnout, disengagement, retention issues, conflict, performance and productivity reduction.

Proactively, promoting the inclusion of all personality types will benefit not only the individuals that work for you but performance and productivity. Extensive research shows that when employees feel like they belong and can be themselves they are more engaged and productivity rises.

I can customise presentations, workshops or coaching services to the needs of your organisation.

Organisations benefit from:
  • Wellness workshops highlighting the strengths of introverts, sometimes held as part of diversity and inclusion events.
  • Leadership development programmes for introverts or as an add on to current programmes in place.
  • Training for managers of teams with many personality types.
  • Group discount access to my online courses and individual strengths coaching.
Contact me here for more information on how I can support your organisation.

Working with Aoife was my first foray into what it means to be introverted. I found it highly interesting and much of it resonated with my experiences. Aoife had an excellent understanding of introversion and was able to translate that into an engaging and informative session. Most importantly, she offered pragmatic and actionable advice as to how we could find success in the business world while still accepting our differences.

Mark, Webinar Attendee