Introvert, Shy, Sensitive or Quiet

Almost half of the population lean towards introversion (MBTI, 2020). Yet, many of our work processes, ways of recognising and developing employees, are geared towards the extroverted personality. Inauthenticity, can result in mental fatigue and wellbeing suffers.

It took me until age 41 to understand the influence my introvert personality was having on my work experience. Recognising my strengths as an introvert, and finding ways to do more of what I do well was integral for me to find positive and meaningful work.

Research has well documented the impact on introverts; less career progression, negative financial outcomes, smaller social and professional network and poorer wellbeing. Whether you’re an introvert yourself, or in a leadership position managing others, understanding the role personality plays in how we engage at work is critical to creating meaningful work experiences.

Clients come to me for coaching when they are considering a new job or a return to education, preparing for an interview or promotion to a leadership role or from feeling low in confidence. Some clients like to have one exploratory session around a single issue, but most prefer the 3 session package which allows us to delve into the 4D’s of strength coaching – discover, dream, design and deliver.

Quiet Confidence Programme

Confidence or lack of is consistently an issue for many introverts. In this 4 week programme which is delivered either in small groups or one to one I have designed a programme consisting of 4 modules: (1) Introverts and the Confidence Challenge (2) Rethink Confidence and Contribution (3) Elevate Authentic Strengths 4) The Habit of Well Being for Introverts.

To explore which option would be best for you book a free no obligation discovery call or send me an email.


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I am a member of the International Coaching Federation, Irish Institute of Training and Development, and Network Cork.

I have a B.A. in Hotel and Catering Management, a Masters in Communication and Information Studies, a Certificate in Training & Development, a Diploma in Montessori Education, a Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching and have completed courses in Positive Psychology. I am currently studying a CIPD accredited Level 7 Diploma in People Management (HR) due for completion early 2022.