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I can support your organisation through webinars or workshops which can be customised to  specific requirements but here is a flavour of two topics I cover. Online courses coming soon.

Conversations around Temperament

Wellbeing should be in the flow of our work, says Jen Fisher, Chief Well Being Officer of Deloitte. This means being aware of our tendencies and behavioural habits.

Temperament, where you lie on the introvert/extrovert spectrum can greatly influence those tendencies such as how you communicate, make decisions, are motivated or build relationships.

To design a work life that benefits you means having conversations around temperament so you not only understand yourself better but others also. It is through this awareness that we can identify strengths and promote our wellbeing.

In this programme I explore modern interpretations of temperament, the genetic differences between us, how this impacts our work and most importantly through strengths recognition how we can promote wellbeing.

This can be run as a lunch n’learn, a 1 hour webinar or workshop format.

Solitude matters, and for some people it is the air they breathe“. Susan Cain

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Quiet Confidence

We often mistake confidence for outward behaviours. Those who appear more confident tend to get promoted, get noticed and are lauded for their confidence.

Yet, confidence is actually a self-belief in ourselves, that we matter, that we can handle it, and that our contributions are as valuable as anyone else’s.

In this programme we explore, introverts and the confidence challenge, rethinking confidence and contribution, elevate authentic strengths and the habit of wellbeing.

This can be run as a lunch n’ learn, a webinar or workshop.

I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about“. Emma Watson

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