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All change begins with awareness. Through understanding the story behind quiet, shy, sensitivities or introversion you can start your journey to build confidence, feel empowered, and find belonging.  Completion of my online courses means you can partner this new knowledge and awareness with practical steps to achieve goals. (coming soon)

Flourishing as an Introvert in Business

Well Being is central to all aspects of life. As an introvert moving through an extroverted world you can face challenges such as self-confidence, self-criticism and feeling like you don’t quite fit in which can have repercussions for your career or business.

In this course learn what it means to be an introvert in business, why flourishing and wellbeing should be your goal and how to harness your strengths to achieve success. Upon completion you will design your own personalised action plan customised to reach goals.

Solitude matters, and for some people it is the air they breathe“. Susan Cain

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The Introvert Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is often associated with the outgoing charismatic personality but in fact some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are introverts. Have you a business idea you wonder how you will pursue or perhaps you are already in business and want to achieve more sales or improve leadership skills?

In this course you will gain an understanding of what it means to be an introvert, use goal set theory to create effective goals, design a sales process that you will be happy to participate in, build your business network and develop resilience to master the often times bumpy road of entrepreneurship.

I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about“. Emma Watson

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