The World of Work


The World of Work

Work matters; in fact we often attribute much of our worth and self-esteem to our experiences at work. As business owners, managers, team leaders and employees we can create positive and meaningful experiences through understanding our individual needs and those of our team.

These needs will be unique to each person, that is why there is no one size fits all to creating great work experiences. Our personality will also influence both our needs and our experiences as temperament influences how we engage with the world.

My services include individual career and business coaching to introverts, quiet, shy or sensitive professionals along with people and culture support to small businesses who want to create progressive and positive work experiences for their teams.

The world of work today is overflowing with systems, processes, tools and assumptions that are deeply flawed and that push directly against our ability to express what is unique about each of us in the work we do’. (Nine Lies About Work)

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Confidence Coaching Programme

Growing up in an extroverted world can blur confidence, self-belief and steer many away from their true selves.

In my customised confidence coaching I help you recover insights into your unique strengths and support you to design practical strategies to move forward.

This 6 week programme includes coaching sessions, a training manual, worksheets, and e-mail support.

Start your journey now to the new you.


Quiet Confidence Online Course

This is a fully online course which you might like to choose as a precursor to individual coaching. During the 4 modules you will explore some of the main factors for Introverts in the confidence challenge, identify how prioritising strengths and wellbeing can build confidence, learn some confident communication tools and habits and confidently promote your own career development.

(coming soon, e-mail me for dates)

Corporate Workshops

As part of my ‘Quiet Series’ which includes quiet leadership, quiet confidence, quiet influence and quiet entrepreneurship I provide the following services for organisations;

  • 1 hour webinar
  • 2 hour interactive small group virtual workshop
  • 4 hour workshop over 2 mornings
  • group discount access to online courses

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