The Introvert Challenge


The Introvert Challenge

When asked, over 70% of participants in my workshops agree that introversion is perceived negatively. MBTI research confirms this as they share 9 out of 10 people in the UK feel pressure to act extroverted.

Author Susan Cain says, that temperament goes to the heart of who we are. This means, as introverts we engage with the world differently to extroverts. In fact, neuroscience has identified differences in how our brains process information and our sensitivity to neurochemicals explains our alterations in response to stimuli.

Work matters; in fact we often attribute much of our worth and self-esteem to our experiences at work. Yet, our work environments are designed with extroverted temperaments in mind; open plan offices, an emphasis on meetings, brainstorming, quick decision making and the pressure to speak up can contribute to lower self-confidence as an introvert.

In my coaching, training and consultancy I help individuals and teams to create awareness around temperament, recognise strengths and develop strategies for weaknesses.

The world of work today is overflowing with systems, processes, tools and assumptions that are deeply flawed and that push directly against our ability to express what is unique about each of us in the work we do’. (Nine Lies About Work)

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Career Coach

I have had a varied career, from the hotel industry to HR support roles, business ownership and teaching at third level. I have been a career changer, and a returnee after a career break to care for children. I have been an entrepreneur, worked in small business to global HQ of multi-nationals. I have worked in Ireland and the US.

I understand the many challenges we face in the workplace. My coaching approach is pragmatic, realistic and focused. No matter what you are facing at work or in a job search coaching can be a great option to problem solve, find a way forward or feel supported while making a decision. Contact me now for a free discovery call.


Business Coaching

As the founder of two businesses I fully appreciate the challenges in starting a business. Despite my business degree and extensive knowledge, starting my first business was a huge learning curve. Wishing I had the support of a business coach I now provide that to my clients.

Together we can design business strategies that work with your temperament. You can build a business using your introvert strengths. I know, because I am doing it. Whether just starting out or further along in your business journey contact me for a free consultation. You can be an Introvert Entrepreneur!


Training and Consultancy

Conversations around Temperament‘ can be run as a webinar or workshop to start creating awareness around the different experiences of introverts and extroverts in the workplace.

Quiet Confidence‘ is designed for those who wish to learn effective ways to communicate and be more influential in their role.

As a people specialist I can support your organisation in designing employee experience strategies. Contact me for a free consultation.


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