The EX Challenge


The EX Challenge

Every individual comes to work with certain abilities, motivations and opportunities to do their best work. Yet often, the overall employee experience (EX) or systemic factors can prevent enabling those to flourish. Coaching is at the heart of releasing these factors to design work experiences that promote both high levels of wellbeing and performance.

The world of work today is overflowing with systems, processes, tools and assumptions that are deeply flawed and that push directly against our ability to express what is unique about each of us in the work we do’ (Nine Lies About Work).

Work matters; in fact we often attribute much of our worth and self-esteem to our experiences at work. As an employee experience consultant I will conduct an audit of your work environment to identify personal and leadership enablers along with organisational work practices that can promote flourishing at work.

This can include improving internal communication, creating communities of practice, coach training for Managers, designing learning and development initiatives and incorporating sustainable people practices.



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EX Consultant

Partnering with your organisation to understand your culture, I will work with you to design an employee experience function customised to enhance the capabilities already within your teams and individuals. The discover phase will gather data such as from surveys, focus groups and one to one’s. The planning phase will incorporate strategic goals from leadership and identify KPI’s, the design phase will take a pragmatic approach towards delivery and can either be handled in house or provided by Inside Strategies.




Coaching Workshops

A coaching style allows Managers and Leaders to navigate the complexities of a work environment and can offer the competitive edge to differentiate your business. As an ICF accredited coach (pursuing PCC accreditation) I can deliver Coaching as a Manager workshops for line managers, one to one coaching  and The Coaching Equation workshop for senior leaders to embed coaching within an organisational culture and define the quality and quantity of coaching for your teams.




Mental Toughness Coaching

Our level of mental toughness (MT) can impact our ability to be resilient. About 30% of people will find themselves higher in sensitivity (lower mental toughness) and 50% higher in introversion. In my coaching practice I specialise in supporting fellow introverts and HSP’s to build awareness of their level of mental toughness. As a licensed MT assessment practitioner through AQR International I can deliver the MT assessment and follow up coaching sessions focus on developing thriving strategies. Feeling more confident and in control to face life’s challenges.


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